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ইংলিশ আর্টিকেল
The Rothschild Family: The Mysterious Story of One of the World's Richest Families
The Rothschild Family of America. Not exactly a family, more like a secret organization. The world's most powerful Jewish family is a mystery. The economy of America is controlled by this family. Not only that, it is said that this family owns three-fourths of the world's wealth. However, every year in the list of the richest people in the world, the names of Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, or Jeff Bezos can be seen in Forbes magazine. No newspaper even mentions two words about the unbridled economy of this family, but why?
BTS Army: The Story of the World's Biggest Fandom
The Korean pop band BTS is making a revolution in world music history by releasing one album after another and shattering the record books. I said revolutionizing because the troll memes in the net world about this BTS have gone from arguing to insults among friends. If one group of people is against BTS, another group is standing for them like the wall of China. Today's event is about BTS's fanbase who call themselves the "BTS Army". Before that, let's briefly know about the history and achievements of BTS.
Eagle Hunters: A 6,000-Year Tradition of the Mongolian Kazakhs
The Altai region, located in western Mongolia, is one of the most remote regions of the world. Although a few ancient roads connect the entire area. No light of modern civilization has yet reached there. In winter, the snow-capped mountain peaks can be seen across the vast area, while in summer, the gray sandy landscape can be seen. Geographically, the area borders Mongolia, Kazakhstan, China, and Russia respectively.
Sultan Qaboos: From the British army to the ruler of the Arab world
We are talking about Oman, a small country located in the southeast corner of the Arabian Peninsula. Oman does not have skyscrapers, bustling city squares, or busy streets like neighboring UAE. But there are towering rocky mountains, azure beaches, and vast azure skies. So the nature and environment here are pollution free and pure. Due to the rich natural beauty of Oman, the number of tourists is increasing day by day. The gentle touch of nature is quite enjoyable for the visiting tourists. Muscat is the current capital of Oman.
Luca Rocco Magnotta: The Story of an Internet Murderer
We usually know the details of the crime or what was the real reason for the crime after the criminal organization is caught. The thriller movie shows that the criminal is challenging the police and everyone to catch him. But in reality, this kind of incident is very insignificant, the killer I will talk about today not only challenged the police, he literally shook the internet and announced that he is coming, let's know about such a 'distorted brain healthy normal person'.
Was the Great Depression the world's biggest economic downturn?
On one of the busiest roads in the United States Luke Sanders, a stock market trader, started a street auction to sell his last expensive Ford Model T car. It is not known whether he was able to sell the car at a fair price in the end. In the last week of October 1929, the United States stock market suddenly collapsed. In history, this event is known as the 'Great Depression'.
What will happen to the world if people suddenly disappear?
Many ruined skyscrapers stand like skeletons on the side of the road. Scattered paper, polythene, garbage, cars, or vehicles lying abandoned everywhere. All around the silence of the state. There is no human buzz or noise. Rats or some crazy animals are running in between. But this city was once illuminated with bright colorful lights. The buzz of people, activity, car horns and traffic police whistles were all there. But today there is nothing. There are no people, it's like a desolate hell.
What is time and how did it emerged?
We are most familiar with the term time but do we ever wonder what is time? Minutes, hours or calendar days, weeks, years on the clock, why, how?
Tollund Man: The Mystery of the Mummies Hidden in the Swamps
On a beautiful morning in 1950, two men were working in a marsh on Denmark's Jutland Peninsula. These types of wetlands are often seen when traveling around the northern part of Europe. Many supernatural stories are centered around these miles of desolate swamps. The story of the incorporeal spirit of the swamp has been circulating in people's mouths for a long time. The two men in Jutland suddenly discover a dead body while working. The two men were startled at first sight, the corpse's beautifully clean-shaven face was plastered with a sly smile. The combination of the two people fainting at the sight of such a face as if they were going to greet each other with open eyes.
6 mysterious treasures to be found in the near future
A group of people is always running from one end of the world to another in search of treasure. Facing many mysteries and challenges, they sometimes succeed in recovering the treasure. Sometimes Beghore died. Numerous literature and movies have been created by mixing their experience and imagination. Amazingly, for generations, people have been trying to recover six treasures that have not been recovered in the last few hundred years. Today's arrangement is about the details of those six mysterious treasures.
Ancient technology: Inventions that are centuries ahead of their time
Archaeologists are often surprised to learn about the various technologies of ancient times. Because these technologies were several centuries ahead of their time. For example, in ancient times, the Greeks created a special clock that was able to keep track of the movements of planets and stars, and lunar and solar eclipses, among other things. These advanced technologies are called 'ahead of time' inventions.
Future evolution: Human civilization will change at a rapid rate in the next 10,000 years
In the next 10,000 years, if people do not die due to climate, space or asteroid impacts, how will human civilization change from what we are right now? It is not unusual for such questions to come to our minds. In today's article, we will find the answer to this question.
The mystery of the events that suddenly disappeared from the world
A small Inuit village in Canada. The village was well known for the fur trappers who occasionally passed through the village. But in 1930 a strange thing happened. One day that year a fur trapper named Joe Labelle entered the village compound and surprisingly found no one there. In fact, he found 7 sled dogs lying dead of starvation in a grave.
Diego Armando Maradona: His life and controversy
The god of football, Maradona, had a colorful life. On the pitch, he scored goals and broke records, but off the pitch, he faced controversies such as drug abuse, infidelity, and physical violence against journalists. Despite these challenges, Maradona remained a prominent figure in the world of soccer and will always be remembered for his exceptional skills on the field. Today, we will discuss some of the highlights and lowlights of Maradona's colorful life. Let's begin.
Ertugrul Gazi (Part 2): Building an empire.
The sun of Muslim rule will never set down!- The Ottomans were the foremost among the Muslim empires that began to make such a dream to a reality. The time was crucial for Muslims that day. Abbasid Caliphate was under attack by the Mongols on the one hand and the Seljuk Empire was at war with the Christians of Constantinople on the other hand.